a cozy bedroom with a fluffy bed with pillows, a blanket, nightstand with a nightlight, candle, books and vase. There are pictures on the wall. A Neutral grey Color Palette, Cozy Furnishings, and Abundant Natural Light - Created by Aptó Interiors

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a bed in a bedroom with green walls and a painting on the wall. A neutral organic interior design, ibiza holiday home, zara home decoration, linnen sheets and art on the wall. A cozy bedroom, holiday home. Home staging, by Aptó interiors.
a lounge chair on a balcony with a potted plant next to it. Lemon tree and white canvas beach chair with wooden frame. white lime wash paint, interior design. Photoshoot staging, home staging, interior decorator. Designed by Aptó interiors.

Project Sant Gervasi | Barcelona

2023 – A Singular Path

a shelf with bottles and a plant on it. A vase with olive tree branches, Sklum home decoration, glass wine bottle decoration, rustic shelves. Organic home staging. Interior design, Interior decoration by Aptó interiors in Barcelona
a kitchen with white counter tops and wooden shelves. Organic kitchen design, zara home kitchen, wooden kitchen cabinets, kitchen decoration, kitchen design, green walls, beige walls, modern interior design, cozy kitchen. Design by Aptó interiors.
a bathroom with a shower, sink and mirror. Minimalist Bathroom, mirror with thin black frame. Bathroom decoration chique. Shower glass with thin black frame. Interior staging. Home staging by Aptó interiors in Barcelona and Amsterdam
a desk and chair in a bedroom with a window. Organic interior design, modern interior design, Matisse wall art. Zara home decoration, Soho Home decoration. Interior Styling. Noelle baartmans. Kelly weartsler. Vt wonen. By Aptó interiors. in Barcelona

Project St. Joan | Barcelona

a plate of cookies and a cup of coffee on a bed. Home staging, organic interior design. by Aptó interiors in Barcelona and Amsterdam. Noelle baartmans, Kelly wearstler. Vt Wonen
a dining room with wooden floors and white walls. Organic interior design, rattan chairs, organic shaped mirror, big abstract wall art with organic shapes in beige colours.  minimalist and cozy dining room setting with roudn table. by Aptó interiors

Project Kreuzberg | Berlin

a living room with a couch and bookshelves. Country home design, fig tree, astigaragga, vintage furniture book case, linnen sofa, zara home decoration. Home staging phototography by Aptó interiors.

Project Fort Pienc | Barcelona

Bedroom with bed, chair and desk. A big photo frame above the bed with a picture. Linnen bedsheets, zara home pillows, organic home design, striped pillows. By Aptó interiorsBarcelona, Amsterdam. Noelle Baartmans, Kelly wearstler, interior design
a bedroom with green walls and a bed. Minimalist cozy bedroom design. Cermic lamps, wooden stools, linnen sheets, zara home decoration. H&M home, linnen curtains, organic bedroom design. shelfs above headboard with decoration. By Aptó interiors

Project Sagrada Familia | Barcelona

a living room with a couch and a coffee table. Parisian home design, Interior decorator. Big white couch, cozy living room, wall decoration, office set up, round coffee table. candles and magazines interior design. Noelle Baartmans, Aptó interiors

Project Hôtel de Ville | Paris

a dining room with a table and chairs in front of a window. Big wall decoration frames, black and white pictures. Organic home design, Ivar ikea, zara home, sklum, Noelle Baartmans by Aptó interiors
a bedroom with a bed and pictures on the wall. Headboard, linnen bed sheets, big vase on the floor, wall lights, frames above bed with images of herbs. Linnen curtains. Grey walls, beige accessories. Zara home by Aptó interiors.

Project Arc de triomf | Barcelona

a wooden pergola on the roof of a building with a lounge set and dining table area. Wooden terrace furniture, terrace decoration, summer terrace in Barcelona. Lemons for staging. Home decoration. Interior photoshoot. Zara home, by Aptó interiors
a bed in a bedroom with a beach design. Textured wallpaper, hanging bedside lamps from ceiling, fouling curtains beige linnen. Linnen bedsheets, kentia palm decoration. Terracotta blanket. Interior design, home staging. by Aptó interiors.

Project C. Mallorca | Barcelona

Photography: Ramon Clemente, Lou-Anna Ralite, Gabriele Merolli, Davide Pellegrini for Ukio

-These images reflect a small selection of the projects realised-

a small office with blue walls and wooden floors. Home office design, wooden desk, old school chair, Crosley cruiser, cosy wall light, Japanese curtains, dark blue walls, marine blue, Japanese inspired design. fladis basket. Aptó interiors

Project Príncipe Real | Lisbon

a bedroom with blue walls and wooden floors. Japanese design, linnen bed sheets, dark blue walls, wooden bedframe, minimalist and cozy bedroom design, folding curtains. Lisbon interior design. Zara home decoration. Noelle baartmans by Aptó interiors.
a bathroom with blue walls and a ladder. Painted ceiling, marble walls and floors, bathroom decoration, interior staging. Bathroom vase. Bathroom towels. Zara home setting. by Aptó interiors Kelly Wearstler, Noelle Baartmans

Project Príncipe Real | Barcelona

a living room with a couch, table and chairs. Minimalist small table lamps, big fig tree. Interior design. Decoration above sofa, leather sofa, big rug, decorative lights, lime wash wall paint, farrow and ball paint. Aptó interiors Noelle Baartmans

Project Gràcia | Barcelona

a dining room table with four chairs and two pendant lights. Table setting breakfast, round bread, lime wash wall paint, wall paint effect. Mirror with arch, black hanging table lights, minimalist wooden chairs. By Aptó interiors in Barcelona
a dining table and chairs in a room in a Paris Apartment design. Black and white picture in frame, wall decoration, minimalist and cozy dining room, Ivar Ikea, round metal side table, wishbone chairs sklum, round table, bench table. Aptó interiors
a modern bathroom with a sink and mirror. Organic shaped mirror, black water tap, bathroom design, bathroom setting, Aleppo soap, beige bathroom, cozy bathroom design by Aptó interiors Kelly Wearstler, VT wonen

Project Le Marais | Paris

a desk and chair in a room with a potted plant. Green desk, wooden desk, zara home office, wooden desk chair, black and white picture, wall decoration fig tree, home staging, jute rug on floor, H&M home, by Aptó interiors. VT Wonen
a dining room with a table and chairs. Big rectangle dining table, wooden wishbone chairs with woven seats, table setting. Wall frames decoration, woven lamp, olive green wall paint, farrow and ball by Aptó interiors Noelle Baartmans, VT Wonen

Project El Gótico | Barcelona

a small dining room with a table and chairs. Berlin interior design. Dark ooden round dining table, wishbone chairs, zara home interior, beige linnen curtains, grey wall paint, cozy home, dining area. Home staging. By Aptó interior, Noelle Baartmans

Project Friedrichshain | Berlin

a living room with a sofa, coffee table and rug. Minimalist home, big wall art on wall, striped pillow cases Zara Home, wooden organic tree side tables. Home decoration. Cozy living room. Monstera plant, decorative lamps, candles. Aptó interiors
a bedroom with a bed, a nightstand, and pictures on the wall. Small wall frames, Zara home interiors, cosy bed, pillows on bed, wooden night stand, big basked for bedroom, interior designer by Aptó interiors Berlin home design, Amsterdam homes
a bedroom with a white brick wall and wooden floors. Grey bedroom design, male bedroom design, minimalist bedroom design, bedroom setting with pillows. Home staging in Barcelona, Amsterdam by Aptó interiors VT wonen

Project Port Vell | Barcelona

a bedroom with a bed and pictures on the wall. Green walls, olive green wall paint bedroom, Farrow and Ball paint, Terracotta linnen bedsheets, pillows on bed from Zara Home, Zara home design, cozy design. By Aptó interiors

Project Gràcia | Barcelona

Photography: Ramon Clemente, Lourenço Teixera de Abreu, Stefano Millifi, Antoine Kremer, Gabriele Merolli, Davide Pellegrini for Ukio

-These images reflect a small selection of the projects realised-

Where Urban Living Meets Rainforest Reverie.

Surrounded by the calming embrace of natural woods and the comforting touch of organic fibers and textiles. The color palette is alive with greens, evoking the feeling of being in the heart of a tropical wilderness.

Dappled sunlight, earthy fragrance and the gentle rustling of leaves awaken a sense of wonder and tranquility.

a room with a chair and a plant on the floor. Jungle home design, ethnic interior design, wicker rocking chair, monstera delicious plant, bamboo rolling curtains, interior design for VT wonen, home staging, Aptó interiors, Kelly Wearstler.

Project Gran de Gràcia | Barcelona

a table with a bowl of fruit and a pitcher of water. Table Setting, linnen table cloth, dark wooden dining table, sklum, have home, zara home, ikea water glasses, jute rug. Kelly wearstler, interior photography styling. by Aptó interiors
a living room with a couch and a table. Cosy interior design, beige kitchen, grey sofa, terracotta linnen pillows. Linnen hanging ceiling lamps. Bamboo chairs, rustic wooden dining table. Cozy home interior. Photoshoot staging, Aptó interiors.

Project Gran Vía | Barcelona

a bedroom with a bed, a nightstand and a potted plant. Monstera Deliciosa, linnen bed sheets, wooden nightstand with drawer, cozy bedroom with textured wallpaper, bamboo wallpaper, black photo frames, black and white pictures, lechuza plant pot. Aptó

Project Schöneberg | Berlin

a patio with a table, chairs and potted plants. Have home, palm plants on terrace, terrace design, terracotta walls, beach lamps, zara home design, Noelle baartmans, Kelly wearstler, VT wonen, Aptó interiors

Project Port Vell | Barcelona

a dining room with a table and chairs in front of a window. Abstract organic wall art, ivar ikea closets, wooden dining chairs, black round wooden dining table, westwing, kave home, sklum, zara home, H&M home design, Hanging lamps, Aptó interiors
a bedroom with a bed, a rug and a window. Barcelona floor tiles, Barcelona interior design, painted ceiling, headboard design, wooden stool, black table lamp, linnen bed sheets, jute rug, best interior designer barcelona, Populair interior, Aptó

Project Tetuan | Barcelona

a living room with a table, chairs and a tv. Elle decoration, Architectural digest, big frame on wall, wooden round dining table, big rectangle wooden coffee table, kentia palm, green painted walls, jungle home, lechuza pots, bamboo rolling curtains.
a living room with a couch and a coffee table. Beige lime wash wall paint, wall paint effect beige, big sofa, organic interior trend. Architectural digest, Elle decoration, Vt wonen, Noelle Baartmans, de Huismuts, interieur designer, Aptó interiors

Project Aribau | Barcelona

a living room and kitchen area in a small apartment. Cozy living room setting with big sofa. White sofa, beige sofa, home office set up, green walls, farrow and ball, wall decoration ideas, wicker lamp, round dining table, black metal coffee table.

Project Schöneberg | Berlin

a dining table and chairs in front of a wall. Cozy dining area. Monstera plant, oranges on table, linnen table cloth, beige linnen. Trendy interior setting, interior designer barcelona, Amsterdam, by Aptó interiors
a balcony with white furniture and potted plants. Barcelona terrace design with big lounge set, plants on terrace, terrace jungle, terracotta walls, have home, zara home design, outside rugs, by Aptó interiors VT Wonen, Apartment Magazine

Photography: Ramon Clemente, Stefano Millifi, Gabriele Merolli, Davide Pellegrini for Ukio

-These images reflect a small selection of the projects realised-

a dining table and chairs in front of a wall. Architectural digest, Harpers Bazaar, interior design awards, beautiful home designs, cozy homes, decoration ideas. Aptó interiors Noelle Baartmans


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Iconic designs, curated for you



a living room with white walls and wooden floors. Beach home design, interior design help, what does an interior designer costs? expats moving to Barcelona, looking for a home in Barcelona, Aptó interiors


From A-Z

We provide you with end-to-end support. Together, we embark on a creative adventure to construct a bold and deeply personalised interior transformation.

a bedroom with a bed, a nightstand and a clock on the wall. Bedroom design, kids bedroom designer, zara home style, interior design help, VT wonen, Aptó interiors, Architectural Digest, Elle decoration. Noelle Baartmans designer.


Interior Plan

Do you only need help with an interior plan and would you like to tackle the execution yourself?

Then this is for you!

a small dining room with a table and chairs. Winter interiors, cozy home interiors. Interior decorator, decor Amsterdam, home staging, selling by house. Aptó interiors



Already have a nice interior but need help with the finishing touches? Let us assist you in adding the perfect accessories to complete your space.

To get to know each other, we first start with a commitment-free virtual consultation.

During this exchange, we dive into more than just your design tastes and preferences; we dive into the purpose and vision you have for your space(s). What do you hope to achieve?

Within this dialogue, we also set expectations. Are you looking to transform your entire interior, or are you seeking guidance solely for finishings in a styling plan? Based on your preferences, we'll pick an interior package tailored to your needs, ensuring you receive a fitting, obligation-free quotation from us.


Interior Plan

We kickstart you!

Looking for assistance in creating an interior plan that you can implement on your own? We’ve got you covered!

Our package provides you with the necessary inspiration and detailed instructions. Based on your preferences, we craft a design and mood boards incorporating a captivating blend of prints, fabrics, and colors. Following our presentation, you'll receive a comprehensive plan along with a shopping list, empowering you to kickstart your journey, whether it's for a single room, an entire floor, or your entire home.

And remember, if you decide to, styling can always be added at a later stage.

Moo board, sketchup, interior design, home stager, interior design consultation, interior designer Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. Aptó interiors



  • Mood board
  • 2D design
  • Colour & material proposal
  • Furniture plan
  • Window treatment
  • Shopping list
  • Execution plan

Extra options:

  • Lighting plan
  • Electricity plan
  • 3D drawings


The face behind the brand

Marieke de Jong

With a background as an interior designer & a passion for mid-century furniture, Aptó Interiors was born.

Originally from the Netherlands, I've spent the last 7 years living abroad, immersing myself in diverse cultures, design philosophies, and architectural capitals from around Europe.

This blend of my Dutch roots and international experiences has shaped my design aesthetic into a harmonious fusion of styles, colors, and textures.

Aptó Interiors is a Barcelona born brand that specialises in Interior design, home- & photoshoot staging. We are experts in creating a timeless interior, with a mix between old & new. Honouring the original aesthetics of each space.

I’d love to help you create a space where you feel at home!

Marieke de Jong, interior designer, interior decorator, Elle decoration, VT wonen, Interior stylist. Aptó interiors

Client Testimonials

"Vibrant and

encouraging enthusiasm"

Absolutely fulfilling project collaboration.

Aptó Interiors turned all of our ideas into a beautiful reality, all while maintaining a vibrant and encouraging enthusiasm.

Luna Dawson

"A truly

inspiring designer"

Their eye for interior design is truly inspiring.

You'll surely learn a lot of amazing tips and tricks during the project process.

Thank you for creating our dream home!

Guiseppe Perez

"Great eye for quality products"

We’ve bought several furniture pieces via Aptó. We are in love with our new statement pieces. You can see the love they put into the finishings.

Great experience!

Sarah Janssen


Terms and Conditions


1.1. Aptó Interiors: located in Barcelona

1.2. The customer: the natural person or legal entity that has entered into an agreement with Aptó Interiors.

1.3. 'Terms and conditions' shall mean: all the provisions as set forth herein.

1.4. Services: all services provided by Aptó Interiors to the customer, including but not limited to: creating interior designs as an interior designer, mood boards, and visualizations, as well as project management, procurement, interior advice, interior styling, liaising with suppliers, and selling furniture accessories of its own brand and other brands.

1.5. Products: all products supplied by Aptó Interiors to the customer, including but not limited to: window decorations, floor decorations, sanitary ware, tiles, wallpaper, carpets, furniture, lighting, and accessories.

1.6. Agreement: the agreement between Aptó Interiors and the customer under which Aptó Interiors will perform the service.

1.7. Information: all data originating from the customer.

1.8. Written: by letter, email, and digital messaging.

1.9. Private customer: the natural person who does not act on behalf of his profession or business.

1.10. Business customer: the natural or legal person acting on behalf of his profession or business.

1.11. Advice: the result of Aptó Interiors' work.

1.12. Confidential information: all financial, business, and personal data entered, processed, and stored by the customer and/or Aptó Interiors.

1.13. Website: www.aptointeriors.com


2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers made by Aptó Interiors, quotations issued, concluded agreements, services provided, and other actions taken, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.2. By signing an agreement or order confirmation, agreeing via email, or placing an order through the webshop, the customer declares that they have read and accepted these general terms and conditions of Aptó Interiors.

2.3. In case of any inconsistency between these general terms and conditions and agreements made in a contract, the provisions of the contract shall prevail.

2.4. These terms also apply to actions of third parties and/or suppliers hired by Aptó Interiors for the delivery of products or services. If Aptó Interiors recommends a third party to the customer but does not directly hire them for the delivery or service, both the customer and the third party are responsible for all actions carried out between them.

2.5. The applicability of the customer's general terms and conditions is rejected by using these general terms and conditions.


3.1. Quotes from Aptó Interiors are valid for the period indicated in the quote. If no period is specified, the quote is valid for 30 days from the date it was issued. If the customer does not accept an offer or quote within the specified period, the offer or quote expires.

3.2. Aptó Interiors will specify in the quote the services offered and the amounts owed by the customer upon acceptance of the quote. The prices mentioned in the quote apply for the period stated unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. The quote may also includes the agreed price of the chosen service/product or Aptó Interiors' standard hourly rate with an estimated number of hours/rate.

3.3. Aptó Interiors reserves the right to invoice the customer a 50% deposit before carrying out the assignment.

3.4. The prices mentioned in the quote do not automatically apply to follow-up orders.

3.5. Deadlines are agreed upon in writing in the quote. If delivery by Aptó Interiors depends on feedback or input from the customer, Aptó Interiors is not liable for delays during project execution and may unilaterally adjust deadlines.

3.6. If it is found that information provided by the customer in the request or agreement was incorrect, Aptó Interiors has the right to adjust the relevant prices and other conditions.

3.7. All prices communicated by Aptó Interiors are in euros, excluding VAT & IRPF for business and private customers.

3.8. The customer is responsible for paying travel expenses incurred by Aptó Interiors for providing its services. The reimbursement is €0.30 including VAT per kilometer from Aptó Interiors' location. Travel hours may also be charged.

3.9. Aptó Interiors reserves the right to change prices during the contract period. If prices of offered products increase after contract formation, the customer can cancel the agreement as of the date of price increase, excluding increases due to legal regulations.

3.10. Aptó Interiors is not liable for errors in quotes if it was reasonable for the customer to understand that a part of or whole quote contained an obvious mistake, misprint, or typographical error.

3.11. If circumstances change on which Aptó Interiors based its quote, order, or any agreement, Aptó Interiors is authorized to modify these changes in executing the agreement or adjust prices accordingly. Aptó Interiors also reserves the right to modify or cancel quotes or orders.

3.12. After expiration of an assignment's duration, in case of a fixed-term assignment, customers cannot claim unenjoyed parts of the assignment in any form.


4.1. An agreement is concluded from the moment the customer in any way communicates acceptance of a quotation or an offer to Aptó Interiors.

4.2. After the conclusion of an agreement, it can only be modified with mutual approval.

4.3. After the conclusion of an agreement, Aptó Interiors will promptly proceed with the provision of services.

4.4. Aptó Interiors has the right to have certain services performed by third parties without notifying the customer. If additional costs are incurred due to services being carried out by third parties, these will be passed on to the customer after consultation. Third parties may be hired due to the scope of the assignment, additional expertise, or workload on the part of Aptó Interiors.

4.5. Changes to the originally concluded agreement between the customer and Aptó Interiors are only valid once these changes have been accepted by both parties through an additional or amended written agreement.

4.6. If the customer wishes to terminate or cancel an agreement with Aptó Interiors, they have this right only if, upon termination, they compensate for work done up to that point or in case of cancellation, 30 percent of the fee agreed upon in the order confirmation. Additionally, the compensation from article 6.13 will always be considered.

4.7. If Aptó Interiors, due to circumstances unknown at the time of the quotation or order confirmation, has to perform more work than agreed upon in the quotation or order confirmation, Aptó Interiors is entitled to charge the resulting additional costs to the customer. If the customer objects to the additional costs Aptó Interiors wishes to charge, the customer has the right to cancel the not yet executed part of the assignment, while being obligated to compensate for work done by Aptó Interiors so far.

4.8. Changes in an original assignment caused by the customer can affect the agreed timeline and execution costs. The additional costs resulting from changes in the original assignment by the customer are borne by the customer. Aptó Interiors will provide an estimate of additional costs before commencing work, as far as possible.

4.9. Aptó Interiors is entitled to increase the agreed price if one or more of the following (unforeseen) circumstances occur after concluding the agreement: rise in costs of (source) materials or services from third parties necessary for fulfilling the agreement. In all cases, Aptó Interiors will pass on any price increase entirely or partially to the customer after consultation.


5.1. Aptó Interiors guarantees that the assignment given to it will be carried out to the best of its ability, applying sufficient care and craftsmanship.

5.2. Aptó Interiors endeavors to secure the data stored for the client in such a way that it is not accessible to unauthorized individuals.

5.3. In case of complaints from the client regarding the services and/or products provided, Aptó Interiors must engage in discussions with the client to find a mutually suitable solution.

5.4. Aptó Interiors is authorized to publish client data (name, company name, and position) on its website and other promotional materials for purposes such as reviews. Additionally, Aptó Interiors can use photos of project results for promotional purposes.

5.5. Aptó Interiors keeps the client informed, as necessary, about the work and execution of the services.

5.6. If it is necessary for a third party to join Aptó Interiors for the execution of the assignment, this third party will only be appointed after consultation with the client.

5.7. Aptó Interiors provides advice solely on sizes, patterns, and dimensions. Aptó Interiors cannot be held liable for disappointing results after the client's approval.


6.1. The customer is generally required to adhere to the provisions set forth in these terms, unless otherwise agreed.

6.2. The customer must provide Aptó Interiors with all correct data that the customer can reasonably foresee as necessary for the proper execution of the agreement. This includes, at the very least, providing recent and accurate floor plans, drawings, and dimensions. The customer is always personally responsible for the accuracy of the floor plans, drawings, and dimensions. The customer is obligated to promptly inform Aptó Interiors, or have a third party inform them, of any changes in personal data, company data, important information regarding the execution of the service such as changes in floor plans, drawings, and/or dimensions, or any other information requested by Aptó Interiors.

6.3. If, contrary to Article 6.2, the necessary data for the execution of the agreement is not provided to Aptó Interiors in a timely manner, Aptó Interiors has the right to suspend the execution of the agreement and/or charge the customer for any additional costs resulting from the delay.

6.4. The customer must promptly inform Aptó Interiors in writing of any changes in name, address, email, and when requested, their bank account number.

6.5. In case of complaints about services and/or products provided by Aptó Interiors, the customer must notify Aptó Interiors of these complaints within 7 days of receiving the products but within 60 days after complete completion of the assignment. The customer indemnifies Aptó Interiors one year after delivery from all legal claims arising from services and/or products provided.

6.6. The customer must make backup copies of all materials/data as described in article 6.2 that Aptó Interiors needs for the execution of the agreement. In case of loss of these materials/data, Aptó Interiors is not liable for any resulting damages.

6.7. When Aptó Interiors provides login credentials to the customer, the customer is responsible for these credentials. Aptó Interiors is not liable for misuse or loss of the login credentials and may rely on the fact that the customer logging in is the one using the provided login information.

6.8. The customer is obligated to maintain confidentiality of all confidential information obtained during the collaboration between the customer and Aptó Interiors under the agreement or from other sources. Information is considered confidential when disclosed by the other party or when it is evident based on principles of reasonableness and fairness.

6.9. The consumer customer can cancel an agreement related to the purchase of services and/or products within 14 days without specifying reasons. Aptó Interiors may inquire about the reason for cancellation but cannot compel the customer to provide reasons for termination. After notifying that they wish to return the product, the customer has an additional 14 days to actually return the product. The customer will receive a refund of the purchase costs within 14 days. For services rendered by Aptó Interiors, charges will be applied proportionally for work already completed.

6.10. The cooling-off period mentioned in article 6.9 starts on the day after the customer has accepted the quote and/or received the ordered products.

6.11. If the customer exercises their right of withdrawal, they must inform Aptó Interiors within the cooling-off period. Products eligible for exclusion include: • products custom-made by Aptó Interiors according to customer specifications (special dimensions, special colors, etc.).

6.12. The responsibility and burden of proof for correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal lie with the customer. Return shipping costs are borne by the customer. Used, insufficiently stamped, or unstamped shipments will not be accepted by Aptó Interiors. If a product is damaged, Aptó Interiors will deduct the value of the damage from the refund amount.

6.13. If the customer cancels a confirmed order after the cooling-off period has ended, they are required to pay compensation for the reserved time:

  • cancellation up to 30 days before the delivery of the service(s)/product(s); 30% of the agreed amount in the quote;
  • cancellation between 30 days and 7 days before the delivery of the service(s)/product(s); 65% of the agreed amount in the quote;
  • cancellation within 7 days before the delivery of the service(s)/product(s); 80% of the agreed amount in the quote;
  • if the customer is not present at the agreed time for the delivery of the service(s)/product(s), 100% of the agreed amount will be charged, or the delivery of the service will be considered completed for a project.

6.14. The customer is always obliged to review and verify the documentation, such as advice, measurements, designs, and drawings (excluding architectural/building technical drawings) provided by Aptó Interiors in a timely manner for accuracy. Aptó Interiors does not carry out any orders without the customer's approval.

6.15. If agreed upon, the customer will be given the opportunity to provide a one time feedback on the design during the presentation. This feedback must be submitted to Aptó Interiors within 7 days of receiving the design. The feedback should not result in a change of the order. After approval from the customer, Aptó Interiors will proceed with creating the final design, and changes will no longer be possible.

6.16. The customer remains responsible for providing correct orders if Aptó Interiors orders furniture, lighting, etc., on behalf of the customer. Aptó Interiors is not liable for damages if products delivered by Aptó Interiors are hung, processed, or installed by the customer themselves.

6.17. Aptó Interiors ships ordered products via parcel post. Aptó Interiors is not liable for loss or incorrect delivery of the product if the customer has provided an incorrect delivery address.

6.18. If the customer receives a damaged package upon receipt of a shipped package, they must take photos of the damaged package and keep it sealed. The customer should then contact Aptó Interiors within 2 working days after receiving the package with the delivered products. If the customer opens the damaged package or contacts Aptó Interiors too late, they will no longer be eligible for any warranties.


7.1. The delivery time to be applied by Aptó Interiors varies per order and is determined in consultation with the customer. The delivery time specified by Aptó Interiors starts after the conclusion of the agreement and upon receipt of all necessary data and/or materials from the customer. The customer must provide the necessary data and/or materials to Aptó Interiors within 7 working days after approval of the quotation. Aptó Interiors will dispatch orders from its own webshop to the customer within 3 to 5 working days, unless a different delivery time has been agreed upon and depending on stock availability. If there are delays in delivery, or if an order cannot be fulfilled/not fully fulfilled, the customer will be notified, but no later than 30 days after placing the order. At that point, the customer may decide to terminate the agreement and is entitled to a refund of the amount paid.

7.2. A delivery time set by Aptó Interiors can never be considered a strict deadline. Simply exceeding a delivery time does not automatically put Aptó Interiors in default.

7.3. In case of a delay in the delivery time from its own webshop exceeding 30 days, the customer only has the right to terminate the agreement if Aptó Interiors, after a proper and as detailed as possible written notice of default with a reasonable period for rectifying the breach, fails to fulfill its essential obligations under the agreement.

7.4. The customer is required to take necessary actions to enable timely delivery by Aptó Interiors, including providing complete, correct, and clear data as specified in article 6.2 in a timely manner.

7.5. Aptó Interiors' delivery obligation will be deemed fulfilled, unless proven otherwise, once the goods delivered by Aptó Interiors have been offered to the customer at least once.


8.1. The customer's payment obligation commences on the day the agreement is concluded.

8.2. All invoices sent by Aptó Interiors must be paid by the customer within 14 days, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Aptó Interiors offers the option to pay the agreed quotation amount in pre-agreed installments. For orders placed through the webshop, payment will be made immediately before the products are delivered to the customer.

8.3. If the customer fails to meet their payment obligation in a timely manner, the customer is automatically in default without the need for further notice of default.

8.4. In case of late payment, Aptó Interiors may decide to temporarily suspend its activities until the moment of payment. If late payment occurs regularly, Aptó Interiors may unilaterally decide to terminate the contract.

8.5. In case of late payment, in addition to the amount due plus statutory (commercial) interest, the customer is obligated to pay full compensation for both extrajudicial and judicial collection costs, which amount to at least 15% of the invoice amount with a minimum of €150,- excluding VAT (for private customers, statutory rates will be charged), as well as costs for lawyers, attorneys, bailiffs, collection agencies, and any legal proceedings in court or court of appeal.

8.6. The claim for payment is immediately due and payable if the customer is declared bankrupt, applies for suspension of payments, has a general attachment placed on assets, dies, or furthermore, if they go into liquidation or are dissolved.

8.7. In the above cases, Aptó Interiors also has the right to terminate or suspend the performance of the agreement or any unperformed part thereof without notice of default or judicial intervention, without the right to compensation for any damage that may arise for the customer as a result.

8.8. The customer agrees that Aptó Interiors invoices electronically. If the customer wishes to receive a paper invoice by post, Aptó Interiors reserves the right to charge an additional fee of €2.50 per invoice for this service.

8.9. The customer may raise objections to the invoices sent by Aptó Interiors in writing within 7 days of the invoice date. Upon receipt of the objection, Aptó Interiors will conduct an investigation into the accuracy of the invoiced amount. Objections to invoices sent do not suspend the customer's payment obligation.

8.10. All products and services provided by Aptó Interiors remain the property of Aptó Interiors until all amounts due from the customer to Aptó Interiors have been paid.


9.1. All intellectual property rights to all documentation, advice, quotations, models, designs, techniques, photos, impressions, and drawings developed or made available in the context of the services, as well as preparatory material and issued reports, are exclusively owned by Aptó Interiors unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

9.2. The products delivered by Aptó Interiors and the components mentioned in article 9.1 may never be reproduced or resold, in whole or in part, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

9.3. The content of the Aptó Interiors website, including but not limited to: texts, images, design, trademarks, and domain names, are the property of Aptó Interiors and are protected by copyrights and intellectual or industrial property rights existing under applicable law. Users of the website are not allowed to reproduce the website or any part thereof without permission from Aptó Interiors.

9.4. All copyrights and intellectual properties on creations of the human mind developed by Aptó Interiors are and remain the exclusive property of Aptó Interiors unless the rights are bought out or otherwise agreed upon.

9.5. Aptó Interiors is not responsible for any information/content that the customer on the Aptó Interiors' servers. If the information/content provided by the customer in any way infringes upon the rights of third parties or violates laws and regulations, the customer will indemnify Aptó Interiors from any claims for damages that third parties may assert as a result of the customer's actions.

9.6. Any action that violates Article 9.2 and Article 9.3 is considered a copyright infringement.

9.7. In case of infringement, Aptó Interiors is entitled to compensation of at least twice the license fee it charges for such use, without losing the right to any damages.


10.1. Every agreement between Aptó Interiors and the customer can be characterized as a best efforts agreement. Aptó Interiors can never be held liable for unachieved results or the extent to which the provision of services contributes to the goal set by the customer and Aptó Interiors.

10.2. The customer is and remains solely responsible for implementing advice given by Aptó Interiors during the execution of the assignment. Additionally, Aptó Interiors is not liable or responsible for the planning and execution of the advice provided by Aptó Interiors.

10.3. If, contrary to what is stipulated in article 10.1, Aptó Interiors is held liable, any liability is limited to compensation for direct damages up to a maximum of 2 times the amount of the price agreed upon for that agreement (excluding VAT). This amount shall not exceed €5,000. In the case of a continuing agreement, any liability is limited to compensation for direct damages up to a maximum of the amount of the last invoice paid by the customer.

10.5. In addition to article 10.3, Aptó Interiors shall only be liable for direct damages. Direct damages shall exclusively include:

  • reasonable costs incurred to determine the cause and extent of the damage, insofar as such determination relates to damage within the meaning of these terms;
  • any reasonable costs incurred to make Aptó Interiors' defective performance conform to the agreement, insofar as these costs can be attributed to Aptó Interiors;
  • reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit damage, provided that the customer demonstrates that these costs have led to limitation of direct damages as referred to in this article.

10.6. Aptó Interiors excludes all liability for indirect damage suffered through the use of services and/or products provided by Aptó Interiors, except in situations where the damage is due to intentional misconduct on the part of Aptó Interiors.

10.7. Aptó Interiors is in no event liable for: consequential damages, damages due to missed savings, damages due to business interruption, loss of profit, and for damages arising from loss of data during the execution of the agreement.

10.8. The customer indemnifies Aptó Interiors against all claims for damages that third parties may assert regarding damage that has arisen in any way through the unlawful or negligent use of the products and services provided by Aptó Interiors to the contractor.


11.1. Aptó Interiors is not obliged to fulfill its obligations under the agreement if performance has become impossible due to force majeure. If the force majeure persists for a period of 60 days, both parties are entitled to terminate the agreement. Any performance already rendered under the agreement will then be settled proportionally.

11.2. Aptó Interiors relies on the cooperation, services, and deliveries of third parties in its activities, over which Aptó Interiors has little or no control. Therefore, Aptó Interiors cannot be held liable in any way for any damages arising from a situation where the failure is due to a third party with whom Aptó Interiors has entered into an agreement.

11.3. In addition to what is stipulated in clause 11.2, force majeure includes everything accepted in law and jurisprudence.

11.4. For the purposes of these general terms and conditions, force majeure is understood as any circumstance beyond the control of Aptó Interiors – even if foreseeable at the time of entering into the agreement – that permanently or temporarily prevents the performance of the agreement, including but not limited to: strikes, excessive employee absenteeism at Aptó Interiors or Aptó Interiors itself, transportation difficulties, fire, government measures, epidemics, pandemics, business disruptions at Aptó Interiors, and non-performance by suppliers of Aptó Interiors whereby Aptó Interiors can no longer fulfill its obligations towards the customer as well as other serious disruptions in the business of Aptó Interiors or its suppliers"

11.5. In case of force majeure, Aptó Interiors also has the right to choose to extend the delivery period by the duration of the force majeure or to dissolve the agreement, if not yet executed, without Aptó Interiors being obliged in any way to pay any compensation, except as provided for in Article 78 Book 6 of the Civil Code.


12.1. The agreement is entered into for a specified period, unless otherwise stated in the quotation or if the parties have explicitly and in writing made other arrangements.

12.2. The right of the customer to terminate the agreement prematurely is excluded, without prejudice to the other provisions in these general terms and conditions.

12.3. Both parties, both the customer and Aptó Interiors, have the authority to terminate the agreement only if the other party, after a proper and as detailed as possible written notice of default with a reasonable period set for rectifying the breach, fails to fulfill its essential obligations under the agreement.

12.4. Notwithstanding what is stipulated in article 8.3, Aptó Interiors may terminate the agreement in whole or in part without notice and without judicial intervention by written notice with immediate effect if urgent reasons arise, including cases where:

  • (Provisional) suspension of payments is granted to the customer;
  • Bankruptcy is applied for or declared against the customer;
  • There is reason to suspect that the customer will not be able to meet their payment obligations upon renewal of the agreement.
  • The customer acts in violation of public order or good morals, or any obligation arising from the agreement with Aptó Interiors;
  • The customer infringes on the rights of third parties;
  • The customer acts contrary to reasonable guidelines or instructions from Aptó Interiors;
  • The customer does not respond to correspondence by email, phone, and/or written communication, whether or not by registered mail;
  • In case of recurring payment issues. Aptó Interiors will never be obligated to pay any compensation due to a termination as determined in this article.

12.5. If at the time of termination as referred to in articles 12.3 and 12.4, the customer has already received performances for the execution of the agreement, these performances and the related payment obligation shall not be subject to reversal. Amounts invoiced by Aptó Interiors before the termination in connection with what it has already performed or delivered for the execution of the agreement remain due without prejudice to the preceding sentence and become immediately payable at the time of termination.

12.6. Aptó Interiors reserves the right to amend its general terms and conditions, including for existing agreements. If Aptó Interiors decides to change the terms and conditions, it will inform the customer accordingly. The customer is then free to terminate the agreement from the moment the new general terms and conditions come into effect or up to a maximum of 7 days after these new general terms and conditions come into effect.


13.1. Aptó Interiors will strive to achieve the intended result agreed upon in the quotation as much as possible in the execution of the agreement. If, in the customer's opinion, the delivered results do not correspond to the intended result agreed upon in the quotation, the customer and Aptó Interiors will consult to ensure that the delivered results meet the intended outcome.

13.2. In addition to what is stipulated in article 13.1, the costs for additional work as referred to in that article will be invoiced to the customer at Aptó Interiors' normal rate, unless the customer can reasonably demonstrate, in Aptó Interiors' opinion, that deviations in the result are due to inadequate execution of the agreement on Aptó Interiors' part.

13.3. If it is determined that any deficiencies in the services and/or products to be provided by Aptó Interiors are attributable to Aptó Interiors, the customer shall not be entitled to compensation or termination of the agreement, except as provided for in these terms and conditions.


14.1. If any provision of these general terms and conditions is void or declared invalid, the remaining provisions of these general terms and conditions shall remain in full force and Aptó Interiors and the customer shall consult to agree on new provisions to replace the void or invalid provisions, taking into account as much as possible the purpose and intent of the void or invalid provision.

14.2. If the customer includes provisions or conditions in their order that deviate from, or are not included in, these terms, they are binding on Aptó Interiors only if expressly accepted in writing by Aptó Interiors.

14.3. If Aptó Interiors deviates from the General Terms and Conditions in favor of the customer on its own initiative, the customer cannot derive any rights from this.

14.4. Any purchasing or other conditions of the customer are not applicable.

14.5. Rights and obligations arising from an agreement can only be transferred by the customer to a third party with written consent from Aptó Interiors.

14.6. Only Spanish law applies to all legal relationships in which Aptó Interiors is a party.

14.7. The customer and Aptó Interiors will first attempt to settle any disputes amicably through mutual consultation before resorting to legal action.

14.8. Unless mandatory rules dictate otherwise, the competent court in the Barcelona District shall have jurisdiction over disputes between Aptó Interiors and the customer, unless otherwise prescribed by law.